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Monday, August 29, 2011

new phase

i was thinking to delete this or just continue the writing here,
but considering 
those b2b who are still make use this blog to search for info
especially those Kedahan b2b,
and i think the blog's name is not so cool 

so, i decided to start a new phase in a new blog 

honestly,  aku masih berfikir about the blog tittle.
maybe there'll be changes later.
but until then, there you go.



p.s: esok raya! yeay~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Salam Aidilfitri 1432H

being me, i know i always over-saying things.
i know i hurt a lot of hearts with some of my words.
for that, i sincerely asking for apologies from all of you.
have a safe journey.
hope you'll have a wonderful Aidilfitri.

Monday, August 22, 2011

the veil is not available

so,i've decided. after a looooooooooooonnnnnngggg thought (wah long betul ni). i decided not to let go my lovely veil, neither for sale nor for rent. i am so sorry for those who are asking and hoping for it. that is the ONLY stuff i have memory from my wedding. i dun care if it gonna turn buruk later, i'm still keeping it. 

it was a headache finding a veil that i wanted. so, for me, it is worth to keep it. huhu~ carik veil pun sakit kepala. belum yang lain2 lagi ni.

happy hunting girls!

i've been re-read my blog, it kinda great memories i had, while preparing for the wedding.

so,i hope you'll have yours too.

new blog is up. anybody care to know?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

super recommended!

okay. i almost forgot about this. it's like unfinished business if i do not tell you this. doorgift for my majlis bertandang. this is seriously super sedap kek coklat kukus. aku memang suka kek coklat.. and this one is my top of the list. sedap sangat2. agreed by semua yang makan. hahaha..

with neat and nice packaging. siap dengan sudu kecik comel tu. riben n tag ikut tema. plus point to that, reasonable price. lepas kawen aku order lagi untuk makan sendiri. haha..teringat2 masa kenduri sempat makan 4bekas je. dalam keta lepas amik je dari vendor, aku dah makan 2bekas. sedap ya amat. kat umah mertua aku makan lg 2bekas sambil buat keje konon. sedap sangat kot.. ok dah terliur balik.

super seriously recommended!!!
kek coklat kukus
rumah dia kat bukit jalil.
No. Tepon : 017-2235244
EMAIL : ainicakeshouse@yahoo.com

oh, kak aini ni adalah cantek dan sangat baik.
dan tak berkira langsung.
(tapi aku tak suka lagu kt ku menunggu rossa kat blog dia tu..haha..ape kaitan?)

if you're happened to look for a doorgift or manisan nak letak kt desert corner,
please do consider this. aku rekemen bukan dapat komisen ape pun.
sebab this is very worth sharing.

sepatutnya nak post wordless wednesday.
tengok gambar teringat pasal ni. terus post je.
kang lupa lagi.