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Long Distance Marriage

i was brought up to be independent, even though i am the only child. staying alone at home was never a big deal for me. since i was 6, i was left alone at home after pre-school, waited for my parents back from work. maybe because we was staying in a quarters in a rural area, so nothing to be worried that time. everyone knew each other back there. i could even running to my dad's workplace a second considering it was so near. during primary school, at the age of 10 and 11 to be exact, i was trusted to hop on bus and taxi by myself to go home from school. cool huh? thinking back all those..power gila aku. dah la size badan kecik secoet. hihi.. 
being the only child, x semestinya kena pampered all the time macam org selalu kata. i heard that a lot, like seriously a lot. n i returned it with smile. they just dunno. i was forced to be independent, to be on my own feet. 9 years studying and working in KL, 2 years in Johor really taught me a lot. 
so, i am from Kedah, he is from Negeri…

review : photographer

if  you went thru my blog, i announced my photographer for both events here (photographer hunting ver finale). so, here's the outcome. for more pictures, err..korek la post2 lama. hehe..

Reception chenta's side by  Syahiran Sukardi Photography

please bear with him for late reply of sms or email or returning your calls. memang rasa mcm nak pukol je kdg2. hahaha.. (joking..but serius dia mmg susah nk angkat call..huhu). and i think he should get a PA for himself. eventhough he's kinda mengarut dan meriah, but he's serious in doing his job done. he knew what's he's doing. masa shooting kalau kena buli dgn dia tu, redha je la, the pictures will turn out great. he's editting works pun aku n hubby suka. i love all his candid shots, n bila pose shoot with family n friends, dia pandai do something to cheer up the mood. 
album dah siap agak lama. aku n hubby dok terkedek2 nak p amik. last2 syahiran datang hantar kat rumah aku. hihihi.. siap delivery lagi. dia kata, kang…

review : pelamin, baju, make-up

kamon! kamon! jangan malas. kata ku kepada diri sendiri. sikit lagi. xpe..atia lg lambat review. hahaha..tiba2 petik nama atia. ok, sebabkan malas nk edit letak watermark, satu pic is good enough untuk mewakilkan cerita yang panjang. 

As for pelamin, baju and make-up, semuanya pakej daripada Izz Studio Boutique dari Rawang. ye, bersungguh import dari Rawang ke Kuala Pilah. sebabnya, kalau nak cari sebelah negeri sembilan dah tak sempat. lagipun, kitorg dah pernah tengok Izz Studio punya hasil kerja. 
Bunga gantung2 kat pelamin tu aku yang gedik request nak macam tu. walaupun bunga tu tak berapa banyak as aku imagined, tapi bila tengok balik, ok je. alhamdulillah~ ramai jugak yang puji2 pelamin tu sebab sukakan bunga gantung2 tu. wa bangga aa beb. kihkihkih..
Disebabkan sebelah Kedah dah berdress bagai, so, untuk bertandang we decided nak go for traditional outfit. blue is his favourite colour. layankan aje lah. nasib baik cantik. kak ayu, owner of the boutique tambah beads kasik blin…

wedding highlight cum review: Videographer

ye ye..aku tau la aku pengantin basi. not trying to steal your limelight, tapi video baru dapat (baru amik actually). hihi~

by Syahiran Sukardi 
Email : Website :
walaopon it's been few months, but every time i watched the video, i still can feel the joy, the blessing and we can't thank enough to Allah, all family members and friends who had been there for us, until now.

ya Allah, alhamdulillah~ ♥

semoga Allah sentiasa memberkati hubungan kami sampai akhirat. :)

thank you so much everyone. ilebiu

bukan marah, tapi nasihat..

(ayat filem P.Ramlee..hihi)
i dunno for how many times i repeated this. "IT'S JUST A ONE DAY EVENT!"
last time, maybe it just a reminder to myself before the wedding. but guess what, it was the best reminder ever to me. n today, after 5 months of marriage i still would say it is the best reminder. 
dah nak start cuti sekolah ni, maka jemputan kawin pun bertimbun2 la kan.  Congratulation dearies! :) it's been a while since i left the old blogger bride group. with my own reasons.  (better be seriously respect of my decision..n better stay that way.heh!)
tapi recently, i'd been add in back in a new group. so, terdetik nak post pasal ni. kawan2 aku pun ramai jugak nak kawen dalam masa2 terdekat ni. 
i know wedding preparation can be so stressful. Here's some advice from a 'senior'. hahaha..senior la sangat kan.
1. please take note, it's not all about you. the majlis represent more about your family. so, everyone dah bersusah payah. so semua org deserv…

video basi

bukan saya malas update. tapi please blame encik photographer bertandang saya yg terlupa bawak DVD saya. tapi bwk album yg superb best n besar with no extra charge. siap delivery ke rumah lagi. hihi..

nanti saya update video k. tgh tunggu DVD ni laa..
bila tah nk pegi amik.

oo..videographer nikah sanding adalah photographer bertandang. hrp maklum.


wohooo! today is our 100days of marriage. and today dia jugak..dia pegi team-building. kt tmpt honeymoon kitorg. cisss...!
soon will review for majlis bertandang. tunggu encik photographer ni antar album n dvd. mana tah pakcik ni.. dating la ni..
walopon dah basi. nak review.  padan muka korang kena baca. haha~

new phase

i was thinking to delete this or just continue the writing here, but considering  those b2b who are still make use this blog to search for info especially those Kedahan b2b, and i think the blog's name is not so cool  (hahaha...)
so, i decided to start a new phase in a new blog ♥ my honey bunch, sugar pie ♥
honestly,  aku masih berfikir about the blog tittle. maybe there'll be changes later. but until then, there you go.
p.s: esok raya! yeay~ hihi..

Salam Aidilfitri 1432H

being me, i know i always over-saying things. i know i hurt a lot of hearts with some of my words. for that, i sincerely asking for apologies from all of you. have a safe journey. hope you'll have a wonderful Aidilfitri.

the veil is not available

so,i've decided. after a looooooooooooonnnnnngggg thought (wah long betul ni). i decided not to let go my lovely veil, neither for sale nor for rent. i am so sorry for those who are asking and hoping for it. that is the ONLY stuff i have memory from my wedding. i dun care if it gonna turn buruk later, i'm still keeping it. 
it was a headache finding a veil that i wanted. so, for me, it is worth to keep it. huhu~ carik veil pun sakit kepala. belum yang lain2 lagi ni.

happy hunting girls!
i've been re-read my blog, it kinda great memories i had, while preparing for the wedding.
so,i hope you'll have yours too.
new blog is up. anybody care to know? hahahahaha~

super recommended!

okay. i almost forgot about this. it's like unfinished business if i do not tell you this. doorgift for my majlis bertandang. this is seriously super sedap kek coklat kukus. aku memang suka kek coklat.. and this one is my top of the list. sedap sangat2. agreed by semua yang makan. hahaha..

with neat and nice packaging. siap dengan sudu kecik comel tu. riben n tag ikut tema. plus point to that, reasonable price. lepas kawen aku order lagi untuk makan sendiri. haha..teringat2 masa kenduri sempat makan 4bekas je. dalam keta lepas amik je dari vendor, aku dah makan 2bekas. sedap ya amat. kat umah mertua aku makan lg 2bekas sambil buat keje konon. sedap sangat kot.. ok dah terliur balik.

super seriously recommended!!!
kek coklat kukus
rumah dia kat bukit jalil.
No. Tepon : 017-2235244

oh, kak aini ni adalah cantek dan sangat baik.
dan tak berkira langsung.
(tapi aku tak suka lagu kt ku menunggu rossa kat blog dia tu..hah…

the hiccups

i did have a great time during my wedding days (both, my side n his side). i love everything about it. everytime i flip through the pictures, i couldn't stop beeing so grateful to Allah. alhamdulillah~

but of course, as any other weddings, it had its own hiccups here and there.

along the journey, i share almost everything here, but not all. thanks to you (yes YOU), everything turned out easier with all your helps.

besides my dear hubby, qistin was and always my other diary. who listened and comforted me along the way. so do atia. we started to share list of vendors, and all. end up, we share the feelings, better and worst. trying our best to support each other. i did have time2 drama swasta meleleh air mata, mengamuk and all. hihi..even before the day before the nikah.

we choose not to blog or give any bad review.

for me, there's some vendor did give me some hiccups. mungkin bukan rezeki saya. bg saya, kalau that vendors teruk sangat, masakan dia boleh bertahan dengan business dia …

keep it or let it go?

i'm still thinking either to keep my nikah veil or to let it go?
but i dun think i'm gonna rent it. it's kinda leceh to post it here and there.

besides the pictures and the video, the veil is the only thing left for me as the wedding kenangan. kononnya nak keep the baju nikah also. tapi tak jadi, so i just rented new from the bridal. memang boleh ja nak beli terus, tapi ada sebab yang malas nak ceta kt sini, so tak jadi.

i also have the tudungs with me, tapi tudung boleh pakai balik.
veil takkan nak pakai pegi keja ke kenduri, ye dak.

kononnya lagi nak simpanlah untuk my lil princess later. kot dia nak pakai.
tapi nak simpan atleast 25tahun camtu..tak buruk ke nanti? tak rosak ke? x jadi kuning2?
kan veil putih..huhu..kalo rosak, sayangnyee...

tapi rasa macam nak jual pun ada. i love my veil so much.. rasa macam nak tengok orang cantik juga dengan veil tu. atleast tak rosak..

ntah. dilemma..

i'm still thinking....




what say you?

wordless wednesday #6

ceteka kat mana?

counting till forever

hari ini, sudah sebulan bergelar isteri.
sekejap sangat masa berlalu.
tak sedar pun sudah sebulan.

tetapi hari ini, suami tak ada di sisi.
sedang mencari rezeki di sana.
aku pula di sini.
hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu apa rasa hati yang dalam ini.
kalau ikutkan hati mahu saja berhenti, jadi surirumahtangga.

Allah menguji hambaNya mengikut kemampuan.
insyaAllah aku cukup kuat,
hingga sampai masa aku di sisi suami sentiasa.
sampai syurga.

Happy 1st month wedding anniversary~

buat suami tercinta,
terima kasih atas segalanya.
ilebiu! :)

one ...and counting.

review : guestbook + photobook + photo canvas

atas permintaan cik Lisa yang bertanyakan pasal photocanvas, jadi saya compile sekali pasal guestbook corner. Guestbook Corner ni disetup pagi hari majlis reception tu. me and my 2 cousins terkedek2 mengangkat meja bulat tu dari rumah jiran. (tumpang letak barang2 kat rumah jiran). pengantin angkat sendiri ok. hihi~

kitorang set up guestbook corner ni kat bawah pagola.
kat my house memang mcm taman, penuh pokok-pokok.
(kecik2 dulu paling tension kalo kena siram pokok..banyak gila kot.huhu~)
disebabkan panas, cousin2 yang lain datang pindahkan kt ruang depan pintu umah.

apa yang ada ja kitorg guna.
1. meja bulat kecik with the cover
2. photobook
3. guestbook
4. pen warna-warni dalam gelas
5. photo canvas

patutnya ada satu frame jemput orang menulis.
frame dah beli. tp tak sempat nak print or tulis.
so, non-ado lah.

photobook tu ada gamba masa bertunang and masa prewedding.
grab kat milkadeal. printed kat Uprint. recommended!
kemas n berkualiti.

guestbook tu pulak gift from my dear friend Shasha.
aku suh…

sneak peak of Majlis Bertandang

Photographed Exclusively by Syahiran Sukardi © 2011 :)

me and him forever


we met for the first time 2 years back. ;)
he was one of the dulang man for his bestfriend, while me was part of the family members joining the rombongan. yes, we met at a kenduri. hihi~

i didn't notice him at all that time.
hihi~ belagak dia kata. cis..
tapi memang gua jenis tak amik port pon masa tu.
ramai kot jejaka2 time tu, takkan aku nak tenung sorang2.
haruslah i chose to ignore all terus. haha~

then, by destiny, we met again.
untuk majlis bertandang, he was the bestman.
i was and always will be the niece of the groom.(skang dah jadi bapak budak).
pastu naik pulak keta sesama balik kedah. then only i got to know him.

we kept in touch tru phone and YM. hiks~

we tied the knot of engagement exactly a year after the first time we met.
yes, the same date. diff year.

and nikah a year after that.
(dia claimed kawen awal, sebab kurang 3 hari..eleehh..hehe)
plus, waktu nikah diawalkan ke selepas jumaat, instead of selepas asar.
i felt blessed bila dapat info ni. :)

a few days before the ni…

review : foooddd!

yes, the most important thing in walimatulurus is the food. nawaitu kita nak buat kenduri. jadi, makanan tu sangat2 penting. bukan baju, pelamin, doorgift ye adik2 manis.


bila family dan kawan-kawan abah mama dah mula datang since 2 3 hari sblm majlis, meriah la rumah. berkat insyaAllah, masak lauk tak banyak mana, tapi mampu mengenyang banyak perut. alhamdulillah~

masa hari nikah, mama abah order kuih seri muka saja (pulut sekaya orang kedah panggil). ada 84 (aku exaggerate) jenis kuih-muih dan termasuk laksa siam yang disponsored oleh sanak saudara, jiran-jiran. aku sempat makan laksa n singapore pie ja. letih, tak lalu nk makan.

laksa siam tu original daripada Siam. sedara kat dok sana masak kt sana, pagi jumaat tu passing kat sempadan. hihi~ cool tak?

kuih muih ni jangan cakap la..masyaAllah, punya lah banyak. sedap2 pulak tu.. i heard no complaint at all. semua dok cakap sedap sedap. alhamdulillah~

Malam tu pulak, ada kenduri aqiqah. untuk aku. ehehehe.. atuk sedara ak…

review : bantal nikah

since ada yang bertanyakan pasal bantal nikah ni, aku sewa bantal cantik daripada Aween.
cantik dan sangat selesa. pakai kekabu. harga sewaan juga sangat reasonable.

sewa dapat 2 bantal.
encik suami duduk atas bantal ni masa nikah.
pastu dibawa sebelah aku masa nak sarung cincin.

moment ni kami dua2 menggigil.
pastu cincin susah plak nak masuk.
selambe dia salahkan jari aku gemok.
padahal dia yang menggigil2.

so, to those area alor setar,
kalau nak sewa bantal nikah ni,
sila contact Puan Aween

all pictures are NOT edited (aku letak watermark je)
credits pics : Aizat Rush Bliss Candid

review : dresses, tudung & veil

Nikah Attires

of my nikah and reception dresses, both are rented-new from SaidieBridal.
semua designs and materials were earlier discussed.
jadi, both baju were designed as i requested.

i always wanted a white baju kurung moden chiffon material
with patches of lace and beaded.
and the flowy2 kain.
he added up the ruffles to the design.
and i loved it.
so here you go.

Bride's Dress: Baju Kurung Moden with patches lace
Designed by Saidie Bridal, Alor Setar
Tudung : Ariani (add on batu2 liplap sikit)
Veil : beadmeplease (
veil tu siap in less than 2 minggu.
and sangat reasonable price.

Groom's attire: Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga
Tailor : Sahjaya, Wisma Yakin
Material : Jakel la mana lagi..hehe.
Sampin : kedai kat CityOnePlaza

Reception Attires

as of my reception dress pulak, since ages grace kelly dress menjadi inspirasi.
eceh grace kelly konon.
dah nikah pakai baju kurung, sanding nak pakai dress pulak.
masa bertandang pakai baju kebaya.
so, complete. dapat rasa semua.

review : wedding shoes

cerita pasal kasut dolu2 (sila klik). teaser pun penah ada. so, here you go. my wedding shoes. as for nikah, i bought a white plain shoes dimodified sendiri letak brooch. and taraaa~~

pakai sekejap je. tak ada pun gamba me wearing the shoes.
samada tertutup dgn kain atau memang tak pakai kasut.
i dun really mind. lepas ni boleh pakai lagi.

kasut ni beli masa sales kt MIXIT citysquare JB.
harga RM25.
brooch tu tak ingat berapa ringgit.
RM10 kot for 2.

and this is my reception shoes.
yang berharga RM 30++
Tak ingat exact price.
beli kat STEP Jusco Bukit Indah, Johor.

dream pose.
the purple shoes and the purple sock.

all pictures are NOT edited (aku letak watermark je)
credits pics : Aizat Rush Bliss Candid

review : pelamin, bilik & meja

i love my pelamin sooooo mucch!! 3 hari ok pasang pelamin, bilik n meja ni. haha.. all freshflowers. bukan all fresh daun. hihi~ the deco was done by SaidieBridal. aku suka the simpleness and the loveliness of the pelamin, bilik n meja beradap.

dia guna bunga kekwa purple. dan bunga daisy sikit. ikut warna tema. walopon bunga kekwa je, tapi still nampak sangat cantik. suka! dengan lampu2 kat belakang tu.

my pelamin

my bilik
curtain, cadar my parents yang tempah.
bunga and backdrop tu diorang buat.

meja beradap


website :
Facebook : saidie bridal

review : inai or henna

dulu2, aku memang plan nk pakai inai kat hujung jari ja. klasik gitu. but my beloved mama requested nak aku pakai inai lukis. kompius gak masa tu. tapi selepas difikir2kan, diresearch, i decided to fulfill mama's dream. ye lah, aku sorang je kot anak dia, sapa lagi yang dia nak tengok kan.

both hands and legs dilukis oleh kak malia. as told by her, she did the inai for ayu raudhah jugak masa nikahnya. and inai yang dia lukis kat aku sama ngan inai ayu raudhah. which is aku tak penah amik tau pun inai ayu raudhah tu camna.

dah tu sama pulak tu dengan inai cikyana kita ni. yang dilukis oleh kak malia jugak. hahaha~ dan aku rasa dah berapa puluh orang tah dia lukis inai yang sama. x kisah lah..janji cun kan.

but apa pon she did her job well. cepat. dan kemas. inai tu bertahan seminggu. i love my henna! lagi sekali rasa artist. hahaha.. feeling pengantin sangat. nak keluar rumah dok kaver2. segan.

she came to my house in the middle of midnight. lukis2, xsmpai setengah jam. siap. pastu ger…

review : my official MUA

dengan perasannya, aku rasa aku sangat cantek hari tu. hahahaha..(sukahati aku lah nak perasan..hahaha). so, i represent to you my official make-up artist (MUA), Kak Anis from Anis Finesse Touch for both my solemnization & reception. flew all the way from Kuala Lumpur with love to Alor Setar. early morning on my solemnization day landed at Sultan Abd Halim Airport.

i love every bits of her magical touch. kak anis sangat cantik dan awek muda. serius, semua orang ingat dia dalam awal 20an. tapi pelik nape aku dok panggil kak anis. ciss..nak cakap aku tua la tu. masa make up sangat comforting. lembut je, she did her jobs well. professional i can say. dia sentiasa memastikan aku in the best state sepanjang majlis.

Solemnization Day

so, this is kak anis. :) make up for nikah.
dan tangan penuh kasih sayang aku.
thanks to my cousin, azida yang sanggup melayan
permintaan peranten ngada2 ni nak love tu.

sempat touch-up masa kat masjid.

soft and lovely touch for nikah.
eceh..aku perasan swee…