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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Long Distance Marriage

 i was brought up to be independent, even though i am the only child. staying alone at home was never a big deal for me. since i was 6, i was left alone at home after pre-school, waited for my parents back from work. maybe because we was staying in a quarters in a rural area, so nothing to be worried that time. everyone knew each other back there. i could even running to my dad's workplace a second considering it was so near. during primary school, at the age of 10 and 11 to be exact, i was trusted to hop on bus and taxi by myself to go home from school. cool huh? thinking back all those..power gila aku. dah la size badan kecik secoet. hihi.. 

being the only child, x semestinya kena pampered all the time macam org selalu kata. i heard that a lot, like seriously a lot. n i returned it with smile. they just dunno. i was forced to be independent, to be on my own feet. 9 years studying and working in KL, 2 years in Johor really taught me a lot. 

so, i am from Kedah, he is from Negeri Sembilan. I am working in Kulai, Johor, while he is in Cyberjaya, Selangor. Jodoh, we met up and got married. considering my background history, i thought i'm gonna be fine. walaopon ramai cakap, dah kahwin lain. lain like how? lagipun kami tak penah tinggal sekali, terus LDM after kawen, x de efek sangat kot kan. yakin je ~ 

jeng jeng jeng! trust me, LDM is super sux. if anyone asking me for my opinion, i would definitely saying leave your work and stay together, without hesitate. if that is one of the choice la kan. but of course byk kena consider kan..but work ur best to stay together. Bak kata Ustaz Hasrizal 'Saiful Islam' "Perkahwinan jarak jauh (PJJ) adalah lumrah pasangan yang baru berkahwin. Tetapi hendaklah ada tempoh masa diikuti usaha untuk hidup bersama. Selepas rindu berjaya diatasi, ‘keselesaan’ saling berjauhan mula menjadi racun yang membinasakan! ". source here

it was tough. tougher than i thought. plus of the pregnancy sickness, make it worse. huhu.  tips to survive? hmm.. i'm still surviving it myself. but stay positive is the best key i guess.

but there's also kinda good part of it, i was enjoying my malas time. i can even eat on my bed. hahahahahaaha..ok buruk perangai. jgn ikut. 

Allah tak akan menduga hambaNya melainkan mengikut kemampuan. ye dak? so, i consider myself as one of the tough one. hoyeah.

and alhamdulillah~ rezeki baby mungkin, my application of being transfer has been approved. starting next year, me and baby will be staying together with encik chenta. alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah~ 


A 'n' M said...

huhuuuuu~ totally understands what u're trying to say sbb i pun dalam position yg same.huhu~

dulu2 masa belum kawin konon tough gila sanggup LDR. Bila dah kawin terus cair.....jauh seminggu pun boleh demam. ni baru bape minggu kawin.kalau lama2 tak tau lah camne. seriously i sanggup tinggalkan keje (even tho my pay is quite comfortable lah) for my hubby.money doesn't matter anymore...lumrah isteri PJJ.... hang on dear... :)

Darling Aween said...


Mrs Kecik said...

A n M: kaaannn!!! susah nk say it in words, sapa yg lalui je tau. harap2 u pun dpt tinggal together soon! amin amin.

aween: hehehe..yeeszzaa!

Moose said...

Selepas rindu berjaya diatasi, ‘keselesaan’ saling berjauhan mula menjadi racun yang membinasakan!

ni aku takut! it's understandable for him not to call me every single day during weekdays because of the time difference and all and it feels weird like some part of you is not complete at first but over the time once you'll get used to then it's time for you to be worried! like seriously. lagi2 aku ni bukan jenis clingy & prefer to do my own things.

rindu susah, tak rindu pun susah. in LDR/M it's important to strike the balance between both elements.

Mrs Kecik said...

totally understand mksd ko moose. aku juga jenis cepat adapt. tapi sometimes i force myself to ngada2.. kdg2 dia pun tension kalo aku dok ngadu2 sgt. but bila thinking about this statement, membuatkan aku rasa takpa, this is for our own good. huhuhu..

Cik Puan Mimi said...

Alhamdulillah~ da dapat tukar~ yeay

Cik Tqah said...

sad kan..hope pas kawen x long distance.. ms kaple jauh2 xpe.. huu

Cik Qemm said...

wah congrates then!

hmm skang qemmal baru bertunang and mmg taknak LDM nanti. tp kita hanya merancang, tuhan yg menentukan. hopefully bila dah kawin tak long distance lagi. :)

CikNaa said...


same with me. na dr couple smpai la skrg dh mengandung pn still lg LDR. tapi kdg2 bl jauh mngajar kite jd lebih pandai berdikari. hope beby dlm ni pn mcm tu bl dh besar nti.

dyah07 said...

alhamdulilah..spt tukar ye...syukur...doakan saya juga dapat tukar n stay wth my hubby..amin..

alhena said...

huhu.. same goes with me. Hubby kat Melbourne n I kat Kedah. How come?. 7 hari lepas kawin, hubby terus balik ke sana :(. Next year I will join him. N the drama will continue after he back 4 good be coz he's working at Johor. Neway, congrats 2 u. Bahagia je rasanya dapat bersama...