new phase

i was thinking to delete this or just continue the writing here,
but considering 
those b2b who are still make use this blog to search for info
especially those Kedahan b2b,
and i think the blog's name is not so cool 

so, i decided to start a new phase in a new blog 

honestly,  aku masih berfikir about the blog tittle.
maybe there'll be changes later.
but until then, there you go.



p.s: esok raya! yeay~


hidden.wing said…
Wow, congrats nasrah..enjoy your pregnancy!
K.I.N.A said…
tahniah si kecil!
Mrs Kecik said…
ashylla: thank you! hope you'll be joining soon. bleh antaq anak p pre-school sama2. hihi..

kina: thank you kina!
Hidayati Farhan said…
owhh, lambatnya saya tahu. congrats nasrah. kena link ur new blog utk reference di ms akan dtg. hihi
MiEzA said…
tahniah.. so happy for u.. bila plak turn sy.. :))
Mia-Ina said…
tahniah dh pregnant si kecil.salam raya dr mia
wahhh kire aku taklah tertinggal ktm sangat, ade yg lagi tertinggal hAHAHA phew!
Anonymous said…
hello si kecil...tolongla jgn delete blog nie..i just found ur blog and its super helpful in planning my future wedding next february insyaAllah..and yes i'm frm aloq staq...ur blog sgt berguna ok...soooo happy :)....anna

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