dear lil angel inside,

mama really miss you.
yes, we haven't actually met yet.
but i always have this 'miss' feeling towards you.

i can't hardly wait
to kiss you
to hug you
to look into your eyes
i know abah feels the same way too.

everyone is excitedly waiting for you.
especially mama and abah.
tok and wan are already since last more than 2weeks
for you.

sometime mama rasa macam retis (hehe)
received lots of, lots of phone calls, comments, sms
asking about you..
(eh? that would make you lah the retis kan?)

i love you dear

i dun mind keeping you inside
if that would be the best place for you
Allah knows best.
please be safe, be good, be healthy


lots of kissssssess

(selalu jeles abah boleh kiss baby kat perut)


Wawa said…
waaa..bby tk keluar2 lg...

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