i never thought my dear encik bolat would go and ask his mom this soon. it's a nice suprise for me. the date has been decided for the engagement day. with the agreement for both side. i know it took a lot of courage for him to say it out. i really2 appreciate it my dear.

the sweetest thing for today, when he said, u bukan girlfriend i tau, tapi bakal tunang i.

this is a big step for me and him, and my family..
the good part is before this happened.. i buat solat istikharah 3 malam berturut2.
and the next day, suma ni jadi.
alhamdulillah. i believe Allah show me and help me to the right path.

skang time nak kalut2 pasal kumpul duit n hantaran and etc etc etc..

please pray for us..

encik bolat, thank you so much.. =)


mrs.lune said…
dear, congrats =)

nice meeting ur blog. terjumpe dalam whitelacetale py list. ;)
si kecil said…
thanksss soo mucchh for dropping by..
i dah link u.

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