a lovely highlight clip from a real wedding

this is my friend's highlight wedding. ada yang full version. tengah disiapkan. kebetulan my photographer, syahiran was the videoman for the wedding. haha..lucky me! got the chance to watch the 'master' did his well done job. he is super with his work. he can see from the different view. love his work.

he's a happy go lucky person. open minded, senang nak discuss dan nak merapu sekali. he's doing the photography with love. (cewaah..) penah jumpa future client tolong angkat tripod? aku la tu..hahaha.. tahun depan aku nak mintak discount.

i, myself fully recommend you syahiran sukardi as your photographer or videographer. he is really good at it. saya tak dapat discount pon promote ni. but great things are good to share. the price? you'll be suprised! :)

as told here, i already booked my OP. happy! i think i'd made the right choice. =)

p.s: did you spot something from the video? *wink*


shayra hint said…
kak nasrah. if i changed my date is to be 1 week before yours, dia available tak? berapa quotation for videog ja? since photog dah ada. amacam eh? tlg tanyaaaa~~~~~~~~
si kecil said…
she: asked. 4th kan? dia kata june 2011 dah full. huu..sorry~~
sk said…
adakah si kecil yg memakai tudung hitam tu? hehe
si kecil said…
sk: ngehngeh! 10 markah! haha..
sk said…
"kau pon gedik gakk??"

si kecil said…
u missed one more word..
"ko pon nak gedik gaakk.."

hahahaha...siot je..

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