it was the very first time we met.
hehe..so sorry dear, i really don't remember you that time.

it's been 365 days.
today, the same date, soon, we're going to move a step ahead.

dearest blogger friends,
please do pray for us..hope everything will go smoothly and well.
hope our jodoh dipermudahkan dan diberkati oleh Allah.

it's 1.15am now.
finally have the time to rest.
my mom was having panic attacked the whole day..
as she never handled a kenduri before.
the whole big family, friends and neighbours are here to help..
but she's trying to do everything on her own.. n nak served semua orang.

things are quite messed up, as she tried to make sure the rumah kemas..
sampai semua nak disimpan..dan barang tak tahu kat mana.
even barang yang akan digunakan.

tomorrow is the day.


Cik Belle said…
good luck, dear! =)
Xora said…
all the best!
harzharun said…
kalo hati dah yakin, xperlu bcinta lm2 kan..hehe..all the best dear!!
si kecil said…
thanks alot everyone!

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