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Another great contest. Foto by Razali is having a Free Wedding Photography Package Giveaway!! He is giving away a full coverage wedding photography package to one lucky couple. He will be shooting your whole day from the solemnization to the reception to the outdoor portraiture session on the evening.

All you have to do is:
1. Click “Like” on his Facebook page: (

2. Find the blue poster and share it to your friends. You can also copy and upload it to your wall. Tag 10 of your friends to thats poster.

3. Now you select one of the photos you like from any folder or from my blog or even from my personal Facebook (, write an entry in your blog. The title must contain: Foto By Razali : Wedding Photography Giveaway contest, and express why you like my photography. Put a link under the photos such as source: Foto By Razali –

4. Share with friends.

5. Leave your comment.

Razali is a great photographer, who is currently based in Kluang, Johor. Married with a 'comel' wife, Puan Akmal. They are very soon to be mommy & daddy. Puan Akmal (album designer for Razali) was a silent reader blog Q&A. As she adore so much Qistin's DIY projects, they went to Qistin's bertandang reception di Kluang and offered a free outdoor session photoshoot. I was the pengapit. apa lagi, menyibuk lah ikut kan. And that was the first time I was introduced to Razali & his artworks.


My favourite picture would be this one

We went to a kebun getah, in the middle of nowhere kat Kluang, dekat dengan kawasan perumahan. It was a normal kebun getah yang banyak semut! They brought along kerusi as a prop. Kagum jugak lah dengan kegigihan mengusung kerusi itu ke mana jua. As it's getting darker, Razali keep saying gambar gelap. Masa tu dah agak petang. He even jumped in a big hole (ntah kenapa ada lubang tu kat situ) to get the best angle for the pictures.

Bila Razali or Ayie upload the pictures, WAAHHLAAAHH! macam kat mana tah.. summer in Malaysia? the scenery really really impressed me. remember, it's kebun getah ok! Gambar ni dah lama simpan. sebab cantik. the bride & groom punya pose pun nice. I read as suami yang 'gagah' who will do whatever it takes to protect his wife, to love & to care, the lovely wife who will stand by her husband no matter what, adore him, to love, to be loved, with full of her heart.
This picture reminds me how a great photographer can turn out
great pictures in any circumstances.
Razali's skills of work getting better, fresh & creative in his newer albums.


I've found mine. How about yours?


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