my dream wedding ring

source : tomei

the right most is my fav design. tak lah twist sgt. tak lah classy sgt. just nice. as i dream it. design by le lumiere - tomei. fall in love immediately as i saw it in front of my eyes. hmm.. it may remain as my dream wedding ring. it may become true. i don't expect too much. yes, it's a WEDDING ring. but it will always just a ring. i want him, i want 'us' more than the ring. :)

today is the 'wukuf' day. from around 5.00pm till 10.36pm (Malaysia time). Wukuf is the time when 'all seven heavens open up, when no veils exist between the slaves and Allah, the best time in the entire year for Doa and prayer'. Do make full use of this small but finite time window of several hours to make the best of our doas, repentance with full desire n hope.

jom sama2 perbanyakkan doa'. Semoga urusan pernikahan dan perkahwinan kita dipermudahkan, kekal bahagia hingga akhirat. aminn...


thezaila said…
semoga segala urusan dipermudahkan.. amiinn.. saya sooka design yg tengah tu.. unik.. tp yg belah kanan tu, mmg all time febret!! =)
"cikkin" said…
aminn...hope all ur dream will be as ur dream..hee~

eyy..cantik wedding ring tu..agreed ngn pn zaila..yg tgh tu unik..=)
"cikkin" said…
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