Ministry of Moment : Just Click 'LIKE' Contest!

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Ministry of Moment : Just Click 'LIKE' Contest!

i would like to share with you a contest yang tengah running sekarang by Ministry Of Moment! Ever heard of them? gilo ko kalo tak pernah. they are one of the big names in photography industry. stok2 wedding artis diorang ni cover tau. they started from the CandidSyndrome, sekarang dah jadi their own MINISTRY. lagi gempak tu. hehe.. saya tak pernah berani nak request quotation from them.. takut kempunan je. jadinya, hanya layan2 gambar2 diorang je. pastu berangan mode pun ON. mula lah~~ nanti nak amik gamba camni lah..nak pose camni lah.. kih kih kih. *verangan itu indah. free plak tu*

pastu dengan tiba-tiba dapat tau pasal contest ni. and the prize ialah FREE photography package worth RM2,000 (inclusive of an album). Not only that, 2 of you could also win 30% off for any photography package you choose! hamik ko! menggigil aku nak join ni. boleh tangkap nangis kalau menang ni. bismillahirahmanirrahim..

walaupun tak lah disuruh dalam contest tu, saya nak still nak share with you the requirement untuk join contest ni. saya percaya rezeki tu Allah dah tetapkan, saya tak perlu takut hilang atau terlepas. :)

Here’s the deal.

We from Ministry of Moment, who is also Umie Aida official wedding photographer *ahem* has kindly offered to give away FREE photography package worth RM2,000 (inclusive of an album) to one lucky blogger.

All you have to do is :

1. Search for MINISTRY OF MOMENT page in Facebook and click “Like”. (saya dah linkkan kat yellow poster & word MOM tu. so, all you to do, click kat situ and LIKE ok. baik hati sungguh saya ni..hehehe..)

2. Go to ‘Photos’ and find a folder named ‘Contest’.

3. Find the yellow poster above and tag it to 10 of your friends.

4. Pick one picture that you like the most from the same folder and write a creative entry in your blog with the title: Ministry of Moment : Just Click contest and tell us why do you like that picture.

5. Under the picture, type; source: Ministry of Moment with link

6. Once done, leave the permalink of your entry in the comment box of this entry (click for more info) together with your facebook’s username.

Other information that you need to know:

1. You can enter as many entries as you like, and the entry can be either in English or Malay only. Indian, Chinese, Iban, Spanish, Arab or mana2 bahasa yang sewaktu dengannya tidak diterima sama sekali.

2. There is no specific format for the entry and it is solely based on your creativity. You can make it long, short, funny, guna bahasa sms or even formal cam Chedet punya blog, its all up to you. You can also add some information on everything you know about Ministry of Moment to add more points! ;) *hint hint*

3. Upload the yellow poster in your entry and you can place it anywhere. At the beginning, middle, or end, doesn’t matter.

4. The deadline shall be on 30 November 2010 (12pm) and the winner will be announced on 3 December 2010.


My favourite picture would be this one

source : Ministry Of Moment

i love this picture! everything seems perfect in this picture.
the colour.
the beautiful bride. the happy and relief face from the groom.
the 'selamber', simple and nice pose.
no need to struggle tahap lentuk patah pinggang liuk punya pose.
still turn out so beautiful. i can feel the happy moment there.
i've told you before, the good picture can affect the emotional.
this picture does affected mine.

so, which one is your fav?


jom join sama2! :)

p.s: woit2..komen2. kang aku private kang. hahaha..ugut konon.


LisaLisut said…
i dh tolong vote for u :)
si kecil said…
thank you lisa! kat mana? hee...
gudluck mek. ampon, jangan marah ek aku pon join :D
si kecil said…
hahaha..mek, buat pe aku nk marah. memang aku promote pon. good luck weh!
Cik Belle said…
good luck, mek! nanti saat akhir aku publish entry aku. sogan. haha. tak pe la aku merepek. haha
si kecil said…
mek, lynda letak pantun. ko letak puisi weh. hehehe..lawan dia tu.
Cik Belle said…
haha. aku nak karang syair ni. biar syahdu gitew. wahahaha.
si kecil said…
ko record mek..buat video. confirm menang. wahahaha..
Cik Belle said…
jangannn, aku dulu ratu syair kat skolah. diva kan? hahahahahaha.
si kecil said…
hahahhahaha..diva gila! syair gitu. mu goda abe mu pakai syair ke? kalo ko record syair aku surrender terus.
Cik Belle said…
wahahaha. aduyai! hahaha. syair si pungguk rindukan bulan, boleh? memang lah cair. hahhahaaa.

jangan surrender, boleh jugak kalau ko nak record sama, next entry boleh~ hihi..
LisaLisut said…
vote click contest u laa worries.hehe
ciksue said…
dear..sori ye..ciksu pon nak join contest ciksu xjumpe la yellow poster 2..huhu..sedes.....
si kecil said…
ciksu, no hal lah. good luck!

yellow poster tu, ciksu boleh click je kt poster yang kt blog saya ni.. save image. pastu upload kt fb. tag la 10 org. :)
ciksue said…
owh...g2 eh..tQ dear...
roe233 said…
hye si kecil, (u mmg cute!)

first of all, thank u sbb sudi join. and congratulations for being the first 14! :)

as promised, i nak kasi 10 detox foot patch to u. so may i know yr house address or anywhere we can meet in KL?

to be safe, do u mind sending yr add to my email

thanks babe! :)
si kecil said…
roe...dah email! thank you bebeh!

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