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Thursday, April 14, 2011

1st timer winner

for the 1st time as b2b blogger, i won something. i hardly join any contest. especially those which need to do self-promoting. kalau perlu email gambar ke, bagi ayat ke, je yang consider utk join. i always say it out from my heart. so, tak reti lah nk create ayat2 gempak pun.

thanks to yanie for choosing me.


i won myself ribbon bouttonnieres!
from the Craft Portion

daripada 3 je hadiah, dia tambah up to 9 winners.
so nice of her.. :)

masa send out the email, redha je. without put so much hope.
sangat tak sangka to see my full name (hahaha) there.


MiEzA said...

congrats dear

HanHan said...

congrats..lucky you :P
nanti teaser2 la sikit..

K.I.N.A said...


farahfatihah said...

ko pun menang gak mek....tahniah2..rezeki jgn ditolak =D

zimie said...

congrats dear ;)