so, here you goes

i just need to say this out. i want all this end well n soon. i am really tired with all the preparations. having a very tight budget for years, thinking of this, deciding of that. i even have to think before i ate something..i don't really enjoy shopping. becoz i scared n worried of i won't have enough money for that one day event. also pity him for struggling up to fulfill all the adat n the family requirements.

i can't wait to have a peaceful life. having the money for me. having him for me.

i miss him everyday. long distance relationship is never easy. especially when no family n good friends around. only work n work colleague.

a few more days.

may everything goes well n smooth.



lovelyadibah said…
amin2~~..moga segalanya dipermudahkan~
amy fahmi said…
insyaAllah, semuanya akan bertambah baik.

shayra hint said…
yes same to me. tadi pi fitting baju and all, rasa macam "adoi, cant this thing just settled in just a day?" rasa cam penat gila. 1 month to go, rasa macam redha of what will happen next. yg penting we've tried our best.

p/s : ai selalu bernasib malang when it comes to bridal part. sedey btol. (T__T)
Cikgu Shida said…
samela kite..asek pk hal badget..coz tiap bulan gaji ade budget tertentu..xleh nak suke2 ati bbelanje..apepun,xpela..once in a lifetime..cume jgn smpi xckup mkn sudah..
si kecil said…
dba: thanks..aminn :)

amy: insyaAllah amiinn.. hopefully!

she: haha.. normal la fitting byk2 kali. kalo tak beli siap ja.

cikgu shida: sama la kita. bila ada adhoc spends yang terpaksa keluar tu adoih..berpeluh.

jajaaaaa: aku penat! :(
Moose said…
been there, done that. bride on tight budget, dugaan lagi banyak. tapi bagi aku, better on budget & spend within our means daripada berhutang lepas kahwin. tu lagi pening kepala. nak nak bunting pelamin plak.

don't worry. insya Allah, everything will be ok.

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